my favourite month of the year, because it’s my birthday month. thanks to friends & family for showering their love. jojo loves all of you so much!!


argh holidays always pass too quickly. i had such a wonderful time that i wasn’t even home sick at all. touched down this morning, had a nap, unpacked, did the laundry and looking through the photos now. wow. wow. wow. wowww. i’m already pinning for next holiday!

Busy. bee

it has been a busy month. a long awaited long weekend, and now omg, tmr’s back to work day. I can only look forward to the vacation that I’ve been thinking of since the start of the year. I’m so glad it’s finally coming true. LY has been very helpful in the past week with … More Busy. bee

quarterly chk

haven’t posted in a long while. and now, into March, it’s 2013.  so how am I doing in 2013? well. resolution setting is a good way to keep myself on trac and makes sure I achieve something. so! all good with weekly japanese language, tennis and golf range practice! keep it up, jo. having 2 … More quarterly chk