workload was crazy before i left for the states. needed to finish because i was leaving.

so, for the 2 weeks, i was practically the last few to leave the office. i hate being the last cos the entire office will be empty and dead, and the last person has to switch off all the lights/aircon.

anyway, i survived through (i have to) and on 17th June, that was my happiest day so far in the past few months. i knew i’m only 1 day away from seeing ly. i remembered, i was so desperate to do sth to my hair (cut, dye whatever) but just was unable to find time. i went out at around 8ish pm and all the watsons/guardians around raffles place were all closed. wtf. yah! i was that desperate to look for hair dye, thinking i could diy before my flight. i continued working till 11pm? 1 hour late in meeting alan n yz cos they wanted to pass me things to bring to ly. sorry guys. we had supper at 85 i even tried the 24 hrs ntuc beside it but they did not sell hair dye. reached home and started packing. being the dilly dally me, i took 4 hours to pack. (i already selected what i wanted to wear and chucked it in the luggage the previous weekend!)

almost ready.. then i received a call from ly saying that i had to send in some online application form. it’s mandatory for anyone entering the states. if u fail to submit and get approval, they have all the rights to bar you from entering the states. apparently, someone kena before and was stuck at narita (transit in narita to go states) and had to take the next flight to return to sg. people, it’s called the ESTA. please please remember to apply before traveling to the states. yah, we freaked out, how how how! so ly immediately applied for me while i made my way to the airport. luckily it was approved instantly. again, it might take a few days for approval, i was lucky. yay! safe! i checked in and boarded the flight.

my flight itinerary was:


crazy. it was equivalent to

7.5 hrs – (2hrs transit) – 11 hrs -(4hrs transit) – 3 hrs

took me more than a day to fly to see my bf. (it better be worth it!)

yah i was exhausted when i reached as i couldn’t sleep at all on the plane. even tho i did not sleep the night before, maybe i was too excited for the trip.

ly was already at the luggage claim when i stepped out of the customs, i was so so so happie to see him, even though i remembered my first words were “i’m super tired, the flight was super long, i did not sleep at all” along these lines. but his were, “hug hug”.

we picked up the luggage, and headed for dinner. due to time differences even tho i was up in the air for like 20 over hours, it was 18th Jun 7ish pm only. that was the first time i sat in his new car. it was seriously much better than alabama days, that old car gave me headache. he introduced dallas to me, told me where he stays, what McArthur Road is the main road then turn here to go where turn there to go where, showed me the places he often goes and of course, pointed out walmart to me! haha. we couldn’t decide where to go cos i wasn’t hungry plus i was quite tired, jetlag not in the mood for food. he wanted to bring me to this super good vietnamese restaurant for pho but i was just not in for asian food. it’s america so of cos let’s go american! we dined in chilli, where i had my fav chilli (not quite the way i like it) and ribs. we couldn’t even finish even though we only ordered one main.

oh man. i look terrible here. i don’t understand how ppl can still look fresh and pretty during and post-flight.

next destination: walmart! hahaha silly me loves walmart. i just love those big hypermarts with wide aisles and rows and rows of the same type of stuff just different brands, there can be soooooo many types of cereals, chips and spam! grocery shopping makes me happy too. of course we went with an agenda! hair dye! i picked blue-black, wanting to look really asian in the states hahaha nah, just wanted to appear different in the photos as compared to other trips. the last US trip 3 years ago my hair was bleached uneven light brown.

only when we reached home, then i realised my phone wasn’t with me. we searched high n low and i thought i might have left it in the restaurant. yes, i’m pretty forgetful and careless. he called, and luckily someone picked up. it was really misplaced on the restaurant table. the server was kind enough to keep away for me. phew!

thought that was it? a-ha, nope, in the late night, we headed over to his colleague’s place for some mj action. yes i couldn’t believe that the first activity i had in the states was actually MAHJONG. eh eh it was really not me. THEY wanted to play. crazy me. my first day in the states was stretched to the max, i managed to finally hit the sheets near dawn. (:


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