despite the late last night, we woke up early to go his base and settled some of his work stuff. he then brought me to the Asian World Market to buy ingredients to cook for that night’s dinner. On the way, we also checked out the Best Buy, Home Depot and all other electronic megastores as i wanted to buy a laptop for mama. We went shopping too in a mall near the Asian World Market (ly, what’s the name of the mall?) of cos i did some f21 shopping plus the search for a perfect pair of shades, getting ready for the road trip!

going out!

my attempt at lunch!

dinner was served at this small family-run japanese restaurant with his colleagues. it was nice meeting ppl who he works with. with a bunch of singaporeans in a japanese restaurant setting, i suddenly did not feel that i’m so far away from home. we headed to the dueling piano bar. ly was raving about how good the pianists are. but there was this long queue to get in so we headed for a bar/club place called (ly, remind me again). that band which was singing that night wasn’t good. the crowd is kind of weird – old people cladded in young ppl clothes. i stood still in my spot and just people-watch most part of the time. we did not hang out till late as we had an early flight to catch the next day.


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