my favourite drama





i just love love love the storyline so much. won’t get sick no matter how many times i watch it. it’s a really sweet and romantic story. in the jap version, i vaguely remembered.. (i was only in primary sch!) it was really hilarious i remembered, our family will watch tog and laugh at how silly xiangqin can be. in the taiwanese version, i fell so in love with jiang zhishu, starred by Joe Cheng. to begin with, i really like Ariel Lin too, hence why i watched it.. then i got totally addicted to it. the chemistry between them is really unbeatable. it’s amazing how come they didn’t fall in love in real life. it’s impossible. haha. the plot and the lines, awww are really very very sweet. i absolutely LOVE it. i’ll vote this as the best drama i’ve ever watched! even better than meteor garden! though! i must say the part 2 wasn’t as good as part 1.. but! it was still a nice show. it showed a different side of zhishu and a different phase in their lives – graduating from sch/working/forming a family, which wasn’t in the original storyline.

now, i’m on the korean version – playful kiss. i’m not a big fan of anything korean, so i’ve my reservations. i’m on my first epi and i liked it so far! so, i’m looking forward to finish the drama (: we’ll see if it’s more similar to the original? the jap? or tw?

argh. i wished there’s a real life zhishu ):


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