my job brings out the extreme emotions in me. angsty, upset, stressed and list continues. (weightage goes in the same sequence.)

i’ve been feeling alot of negativity in the office air. can’t deny i’m one of the culprits, contributing to the heavy mood. i don’t like how i complain, point fingers, blaming this and that, forcing this and that. it’s tiresome. it feels good to vent, to have an outlet, to get something off the chest when you have ridiculous amount of work to be done. but it doesn’t change the fact that work still carries on, budget doesn’t increase and timeline doesn’t get shifted. so why not complain less, act faster, work more efficiently and get it out instead of dwelling on things.

yes! no more complaints and unhappiness! 3 weeks are all that i’m left with and i should buck up to do a kickass handover so i don’t have to feel guilty for leaving at this time.



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