set off for our roadtrip! shun drove us to the airport early in the morning. our 1st destination: Washington DC!

this was taken on the plane. look how the clouds float. how beautiful.

yay! washington dc, here we come!

superb b&b dar booked! he read reviews online and found this. see below for more pics.

i’m now in love with tall beds because of the stay in this b&B.

we stayed on the 2nd floor! luckily we backpacked, so didn’t have to lug luggages up the stairs.

let jo introduce the place again! *pose 1

and now ly’s turn, with a map in hand. *pose 2

the bus tokens – look like Disney’s tokens with the M in the middle.

we have to take a bus – 4 or 5 stops to reach the town, where there’s metro service as well.

the metro ticket that looks like ticket to the china zoo. hello pandas.

and of cos, the first thing to do after getting off the bus is to grab a cuppu! the weather was SO hot, i gave up on the usual cappu and got soy strawberry frappu which tasted HEAVENLY. yums.

he’s saying the weather is super hot!

And as we made our way to Federal Triangle metro to find the bike tour kiosk, we saw the Old Post Office. it was so magnificant, we just had to take a pic with it. LOVE the building.

Found the bike tour – Bike and Roll, and booked the night cycling Monument tour!! We’ve got some time to kill before the tour starts, since it was a Sunday, we decided to check out the Eastern Market – fleamarket on Capitol Hill. There wasn’t a lot to see, so we left after walking one round.

It was late afternoon 2/3pm ish and we were famished! i did some research, knew that there’s a famous burger joint not too far away and suggested to go there! we walked for about 20 minutes to reach that place and guessed what! TMD, it’s closed on Sundays!!!

Good Stuff Eatery – open by Top chef, Spike Mendelsohn. Joanna, please do your research thoroughly, check opening hours too! ARGH. we were damn disappointed laaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Tried to urbanspoon a place to eat, but we refused to compromise what anything that is so-so, we wanted something WASHINGTON DC. haha we don’t even know what’s that, but i wanted AMERICAN food, not asian, not fusion. finally found an award-winning restaurant which prices quite reasonably  (i forgot about the name). i even checked if they’re open on Sundays to ensure we won’t be disappointed. When we reached, TMD they were closed for lunch! And they asked us to return for dinner. HELPPPPPP.

both of us were in a super bad mood by then, hungry and hot. what can be worse.

almost wanted to just settle our meal at McDonalds ARGH

then we saw

ok la anything la so long there’s aircon and food, I DON’T CARE.

why is ly acting cute, that expression seems familiar lo, hello! don’t copy me.

yay! and we toast to our first meal in DC!

crab patty burger and seasoned fries. yums.

and us!

Coming up, it’s the Bike Tour!

it’ll be heavily photo-loaded, so i’ll save it for another entry!


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