narrow spaces

a familiar term to singaporeans. we are just a red dot on the globe yet we have 5 million people on this tiny island. that’s ALOT.

after spending half a yr in tokyo – small hostel, i became slightly clastrophobic. i can’t imagine going home to mere 4 walls, 1 tiny window after a long day at work. it’s suffocating man.

the other day i was just asking my girls, would they want to stay IN the city (imagine NYC) and outside (imagine hmm brooklyn? perhaps not a good example) well suburbans, you get what i mean.

i definitely do not want to stay IN the city, unless i’m blardy rich. then i can get a BIG house, smack in the middle of downtown with a chaffeur, that i wouldn’t mind.. HAHA

(slightly out of point)

here are some pictures i’d like to share. absolutely beautiful. creative use of narrow spaces which makes me change my mind about staying in a small house.

shame on you (and me) if you haven’t realised about this gem in our very own country!

check out the write-up – Ching Ian and Yang Yeo’s renovation of a typical shophouse in Joo Chiat.

and more.



2 thoughts on “narrow spaces

  1. Darling… though it’s very good use of space. looking from the design. i guess we cant deny that u still need to be very rich to stay in the city. haha. =)

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