happy weekend

TGIF has another meaning to it. it’s my farewell in iris. goodbye to 1.5 years in this company. along the way, i gained more than what i’ve expected, learnt great stuff, grew stronger and made more friends. i was lucky to have awesome colleagues, who were patience with me and supported me throughout traumatizing projects. thank you.

Rach’s recommendation: Don Quijote, spanish restaurant located in Dempsey.

Awesome food la. * drools. omg, you have to go and try their tapas and paellas! good stuff!

no photos on the food tho, but a pic of a happy jo with the gift. fulled of love.




next up, Saturday brunch with the beloved Chian.

we were hunting for a brunch place in the East and she came upon The Garden Slug on HGW (hungrygowhere).

Pandan-scented Gula Melaka Coconut Creme Custard Pancakes.

Super yummy you know. I’m not a fan of coconut, yet this tastes fab. i like the texture of the coconut bits in the creme. The combination of hot (pancakes) and cold (icecream) is as good too!

It’s on their brunch menu, but Chian and I would def recommend it as a dessert, not really a brunch.

You can check out their weekly special items here.

We also had their big breakfast set. well, it’s the usual stuff.





next up, brunch again! on Sunday with the girls at Spruce.

damn it, doesn’t this look so yummy. scrambled eggs with salmon and caviar. drools.

ours, egg benny on corn waffle with hollandise sauce. as usual, it’s a struggle to finish egg benedict as it gets so ‘heavy’ towards the end. quoting Chye, “why don’t we get the feeling when we eat x2 half boiled eggs and toast”. i concluded it must be the sauce. We’ll remember to SHARE instead of ordering 2 portions.

Steamed Ginger Date Pudding with Chocolate Toffee Sauce. ohhh. what a huge letdown. They served us half melted ice cream, as a result which tasted like cream. I don’t taste any ginger in it? Am I supposed to taste hints of ginger? And the toffee sauce? I don’t think it blends in with the overall dish. Nope, this dish doesn’t work for me. ):




As you can see, Chye is scribbling in the background. We were about to ‘draw lots’ to determine who to buy the xmas present for. It’s an ongoing ritual we came up with a couple of years back. Whoever name on the lot we drew, we have to buy that person a gift. It’s like a customised exchange present, we can then pick a gift that we know the person will love it, instead of blindly buying a generic gift. The person whom we are supposed to buy for, will be kept secretive till the stroke of midnight on eve, though we failed to have it on xmas day for the past years due to various personal commitments. This year, we’ll be having way advanced xmas party, 2 weeks before xmas. Details TBC.

Damn exciting!!! (: gonna start xmas shopping HOORAY.





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