I’m lying on the bed with the lappie on my lap, wanting to blog but have no idea what to write. I’m bored despite having many things to do: – unpack my luggage – pack his wardrobe so that I can make space for MY clothes – wash the dishes – prepare for lunch (for … More Day XYZ

the arrival

waiting for an update leh.. haha here i am! finally ARRIVED and spent 3 days here! yay after a tortuous 30-hr flight+transit, i finally arrived at Dallas. OMG. everytime i fly States, the flight turns out to be worse than I anticipated. this time, no exception too. I transited in Moscow, wow it was really … More the arrival


catch-up with the girls last night at The Garden Slug. Again. This time I’m back for dinner. bangers n mash fish and chips mash carbonara ju and her seafood pasta in white wine sauce, supposed to be slightly creamy but it looks kinda dry. and the highly anticipated dessert………. The Sweet Sweet Slug which is … More TheGardenSlug.