iPhone 4

spent half my day just queuing. wtf. i woke up at 9am and chiong’ed down to Starhub to queue. went down yesterday 1030AM (the shop opens at 1030am lo) and iphone 4s were all sold out. the person said ppl came in early to queue. i asked how many handsets are they selling each day they said it’s not definite, could be 10 or 20 or XX.. seriously. ARGH. so, i tried my luck again this morning, this time ONE hour before the shop opens, and i’m like the 33th in line. OMG. i thought ahhh confirm no chance but since i’m there might as well just queue maybe the person will take pity on me. haha. around 10, the person started giving out a small coupon and ended at the person behind me. they were a couple so they were getting 2 iphones. so 35 in total this morning. sorry people behind us, try again earlier tmr. wow damn heng lo. i’ll faint if i’m the 36th person. i’ll just ask mum to continue her m1. seriously who has so much time in the world to queue to get a phone and yah by the time it’s my turn to reach the counter then to cashier, then because of some port-in problem i’ve to go customer service and get a queue number again, it’s already like 3pm? ARGH. i’m so sianz i’m going to take a nap before continuing the packing. the movers are coming tomorrow at 9AM!


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