catch-up with the girls last night at The Garden Slug. Again. This time I’m back for dinner.

bangers n mash


fish and chips mash




ju and her seafood pasta in white wine sauce, supposed to be slightly creamy but it looks kinda dry.


and the highly anticipated dessert………. The Sweet Sweet Slug which is made up of brownie, tiramisu – not quite the typical tiramisu you eat. it’s not fab yet not awful. slightly cream(ier than usual. i guess the overall feels alit flat, not for me), vanilla gelato, fresh fruits and a ‘baked’ pear which tastes ALOT like Mc’s apple pie fillings.


it’s considerably quiet on a Friday night. just the way we like it. (:

ended the night with the movie – Rapunzel! better than expected! it’s quite hilarious and entertaining, especially the sidekicks in the show.


Jo’s rating: Thumbs upThumbs up  woooooooooooooo hoo.


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