2010 Christmas at home

hello dear friends. (:

great time with my lovely friends over the weekend. we are so close, it feels like family. esp for an only child like me, close friends are like sisters and brothers.

i’m grateful for everything, all the love, care and support over the year.. let’s hope 2011 will be an even more awesome year! jojo wishes that all of you save up, take leave and come visit me!! WAHAHA.


my girlsIMG_1558

wow. the spread………………….. *drools

daddy was the master chef again! *applauses

i love all of it!!! sighs. who’s gonna cook for me in the States.. IMG_1539

happy family

who do you think i look like? mum? dad?


ta-dahh! my mystery xmas present came from Ju! (: love the arm warmers. awesome gift! i’ll wear it over there, take some pics and show you!

and the apron.. WAHAHA. the most creative present. it came totally unexpected. all of us seems to be giving ‘creams’ – from eye cream, hand creams and etc. (shows signs of ageing) yah so the apron gift was hilarious la! i’ll try to learn how to cook over there. watch out for it! by the time you come, i’m prolly half expert!IMG_1562


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