birthdays, dinners, farewell

dinner with papa mama at Lei Garden, ChijmesIMG_1571

roasted pork = i like the crispy top, but it’s not as 肥. i expect more 肥ness in  三层肉 haha. roasted duck = the skin is yums! but meat was abit tough, sauce was a lit too salt. next, spotted garoupa in the 炸 and then 焖 in claypot method. WOW. best dish of the night! also had the 干扁四季豆 and 懦米饭. for dessert, i had the almond and sesame paste dessert!! it’s the first time i had it cold. tasted really different from the usual warm dessert. it’s super smooth and fragrant!Thumbs up

terrible food critics despite watching alot of cooking variety shows. haha pardon the lack of ability to paint the picture. now let the photos do the talking.





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