Day 02: Plenty of shopping

LY drove me to the Buddhist Center of Dallas.. not for praying. BUT for FOOD! He said this place serves the most authentic Thai food around! Heehee, can’t believe I flew 30 hrs to US and went to eat Thai food?? HAHA but i LOVE Thai food so YAY! I’ve a year here to eat American food so some comforting Thai food on a chilly day is good!

It’s “Pasar Malam” style. Only on Sundays 10am to 2pm. (maybe not this Sunday because it’s xmas weekend)

The food vendors are all Thai (added credibility to the food)! It feels like 路边摊 in Bangkok.

Guess what’s this?

TA-DAH it’s KWAY CHAP!! WAHAHA. l love kway chap! who expects to eat intestines in US heehee. it has “pig’s blood” too which you can’t find in SG anymore. It’s super yummy, love drinking hot soup in a cold weather.

There are picnic tables around for patrons to sit and have the food. Every main is US$6 not bad right! Cheap and good!

And LY was contemplating between beef noodles or the rice. Too bad I don’t take beef so he couldn’t order 2.

The rice is nice too! very well-seasoned with huge dried shrimps the flavours are great!

Def. a hidden gem man! Recommended if you are looking for an authentic Thai experience in Dallas!

8484 Stults Rd
Dallas, TX 75243
Neighborhood: Northeast Dallas

(address found from here)




Next up: NorthPark!

You must know this if you are staying in Dallas hahahaa it’s my comfort zone lo! Steve Madden!! Aldo!! WOOOH! US is shoes shopping heaven for me la! HAHA. there’s f21, sephora, macy, coach, kate spade and etc… Woooh!


was looking for that perfect pair of boots but couldn’t find them.. nope none in Aldo/Steve Madden/Nine West caught my attention, how disappointing! I need a pair of chio boots for winter!!! ):

was also looking for a pair to endure harsh winter/heavy snow conditions because I’ll be going to Aspen, Colorado for this xmas/new year! (: WOOH! it’s snowing madly there I better be FULLY prepared. We’ll be going there to snowboard! He had got his gear but I’ll need to rent it. Since these things are probably much cheaper bought then rent, we drove up to Allen, Dallas factory outlet to shop at their Oakley and Columbia, hopefully I can get a pair of good boots and the ski jacket and pants!

TA-DAH! bought this pair in the end! It has a rubber top (at the tip of shoes) so that snow doesn’t melt and get into the boots!

and got all my ski stuff at Oakley!

Pictures after the trip! (:


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