the arrival

waiting for an update leh.. haha here i am! finally ARRIVED and spent 3 days here!

yay after a tortuous 30-hr flight+transit, i finally arrived at Dallas. OMG. everytime i fly States, the flight turns out to be worse than I anticipated. this time, no exception too. I transited in Moscow, wow it was really cold out there (nope, I didn’t get the chance to step out, I wished I can). I merely just stepped out of plane, went through the custom and waited in the transit area. What a waste! Moscow shall be added to my ‘to-go’ countries, but not in the this/next year. I’ll concentrate on doing US since I’m here.

The flight from Moscow to Houston, another 12-hour flight, I didn’t even turn on the KrisWorld Entertainment. I watched my favourite Top Chef Just Desserts and korean drama – The Playful Kiss throughout, tried to sleep every now and then when I can. I struggled quite a bit on that leg of the flight. Almost went crazy. ARGH. And the food, seriously. I really HATE airplane food, still can’t understand why people can actually ‘like’ airplane food, I find it barely edible. gosh. The smell of food already makes me nausea, let alone eating them. Maybe it’s not the taste of the food, it’s just too suffocating in that tiny space and I wouldn’t any appetite to eat.

FINALLY I reached Houston. I was slightly happier. Because I know I just SLIGHTLY away from Dallas. I had a 3-hr transit when the flight ride is only 1 hour. WT. sighs. I’ve to collect the luggages then bring them to the transit area and re-check in. That’s how troublesome it is. And I brought a really “ko-yat” luggage because I’m cheapskate, refused to buy a new one in SG cos US Samsonite is way cheaper. Luckily for nice passengers, they helped to pull my luggages out of the belt since they saw that I’m a small Asian girl. HAHA. Yah and good thing TROLLEYS are free. It’s not free in LA airport lo. Oh and San Frans airport is better, when one collects the luggages, doesn’t have to walk that far to re-chk in so it’s easier to manage. Ok then I got everything checked and done, so I took a tour around the aiport and made my way to the gate. I was 3.5 hour earlier and the flight is .5 hr late. WT. So I got myself a cup of smoothie, a seat with a socket nearby, charged my stuff and just prayed that time goes faster. By then I totally lost track of time.

I got up the plane, fell aslp straight away and before I knew it, the plane landed. WOOH.

Also, do you know in US domestic airports, people can wait at the belt area to pick up their friends/families? (not sure if it’s applicable to all airports, but at least to those I’ve been to…) unlike SG airport where you do your own self collection of luggages and then walk through the glass doors. So the minute i got off the flight, i walked through a door and LY was already there. We waited and collected the luggages together, by then my luggages only left with 1 handle (usual luggages have 2 handles right, one at the top and one at the side) haha then poor LY had to hug the luggages to the car.

We drove to dinner first before heading home. I requested for soupy stuff cos I still didn’t feel well from the flight, no appetite at all. He brought me to I LOVE PHO (note: Ju, haha you’ll soon be going there pretty often too haha) then we headed home to rest. I unpacked a little, watched a movie at home and that was it for the first day!

super messy house.. argh

oh aside to Ju, I passed LY your christmas gift, he loved it. We inflated the cushion immediately and TA-DAH!


3 thoughts on “the arrival

  1. I think Jo will avoid looking at this cute doraemon cos she has this weird logic that her face will become rounder when she kept seeing doraemon!

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