I’m lying on the bed with the lappie on my lap, wanting to blog but have no idea what to write.

I’m bored despite having many things to do:

– unpack my luggage

– pack his wardrobe so that I can make space for MY clothes

– wash the dishes

– prepare for lunch (for myself) and dinner (for us)

– vacuum the carpet which I presume, haven’t been cleaned since stone age

– set up my work station

– do the laundry

– pack luggage for this weekend roadtrip to Colorado

– research on the above trip

Sounded damn domestic? That’s my life right now. I’m not sure if I’ll get used to it.. right now.. so far so good, though I really hate dish-washing. It’s winter, and I really do not like getting my hands wet. Furthermore those dish washing liquid gets my hands dry and itchy, hate it.

Have been cooking but apologies – no photos yet because I’m not satisfied of how it tastes/looks. They are all very 家常便饭 looking. Let me explore more cooking when my shipment arrives and I’m more equipped to cook.

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