NYE dinner

Impromptu visit to Denver. Due to the weather change, we were unable to drive further and go as planned. It was a wasted day, basically we couldn’t do any sightseeing and there wasn’t any shopping in those areas. It was too cold for me to want to move around anyway. That was New Year’s Eve. As we bummed around in the hotel room, we decided, “Ok! let’s visit the city and see what we can find!” Immediately, we switched on our Macs and tried to find places to visit. Tripadvisor is LY’s fav source of info. We picked D Bar Desserts for dinner – It’s 2nd on Trip Advisor and I was craving much for desserts!

We headed for the city center first, but as it was NYE, all the shops closed early and it was SUPER cold that no one walked out there on the streets. The city wasn’t as pretty as it looked on the sites we saw. It didn’t have that many lights I would expect from city and it was pretty dead. I heard there would be fireworks but it was too boring that we didn’t stick around to wait for fireworks. We spent about 1/2 hr there, gave up and decided to go and eat.

d Bar Desserts is only about 5 mins drive away from the city center so it was very convenient. We checked out their site earlier and there was a NYE dinner special! Reservations were required and obviously calling just a few hours before dinner time is quite impossible for us to get that NYE special. The dinner special starts at 10pm and they only have seats for 29 people (that’s the size of the restaurant!) It’s a 7-course meal at $55! What a good deal!

We did a walk-in around 7ish and ordered from their menu:


crue fries       7
garlic parm fries · mac sauce · melted cheddar jack · bacon · ranch · chives


baked mac & cheese     8
4 cheeses ∙ cheese nips & panko crumbs ∙ small spring salad

For desserts:

molten cake thingy everybody has… (this one is steamed with a truffle inside)      10
guittard 65% choc ∙ malbec red fruit compote ∙ 10 yr. vanilla ∙ pistachio i.c.

creme brulee    7
vanilla bean · strawberry · almond orange caramel biscotti

The highlight for us is the molten cake. It’s easily the BEST molten cake I (i believe for LY as well) have ever eaten. We gobbled down the entire cake in seconds and didn’t even stop to talk, just kept on eating. LY is never a dessert person, but the desserts at d Bar made him a convert!

Aftermath, I came home and googled the restaurant, then I realised why it’s ranked 2nd on tripadvisor. It’s opened by a celebrity chef – no wonder. And no wonder the desserts were so damn awesome. The chef – Keegan Gerhard was named one of the nation’s top 10 pastry chefs of 2002 and 2004 by both Chocolatier and Pastry Art & Design magazines. He was the former host of the Food Network Challenge.

Check out the restaurant here.


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