brought this along with me on the roadtrip. healthy snack when i’m with ly.

it reminded me of the old school teddy grahams!

not so healthy when he’s out at work. KAKAKA.

@chye, i’ve been having serious popcorn cravings after eating the ones you brought over to my place over the xmas dinner. spotted a popcorn shop at NorthPark and i flew straight into the store. they have super alot of flavours, damn spoilt for choice. went for the confirm-nice flavour: original caramel. it’s super yummy la. can watch movies and eat popcorn at home. YAY.

and the 3rd snack i’ve been munching on…


if you love the following:

1. starbucks

2. ice cream

3. strawberry flavour


a closer look at it

AWESOME right. i thought it tasted pretty good! it is ‘creamier’ than “strawberrish”. ly felt that haagen dazs is better. oh well. call it biased, but i like it. haha. save H.D for other days. let me enjoy my limited edition starbucks ice cream first. (we’ll see how ‘limited’ it is.)

anyway, do you know starbucks has recently changed its logo? this is old news (a wk old?) but since i’m at the topic of starbucks, see below for more description.

the new logo:

(click to read more)

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