as promised, here are the dishes i’ve whipped up over the past weeks.

(in chronological order) – i do think that my cooking improved slightly?

fried veg in oyster sauce. jap cold soba which is damn easy. just boil the noodles till tender. for the sauce it can be easily bought in supermarts.

ps: 炸油葱 and 炸银鱼 pre-prepared by jo’s mama. home flavours. those go with almost ANYTHING. yums.

borsch soup. the peppery hk style, not the traditional russian borsch. recipe from dearest chye.

ingredient: chicken stock, tomatoes, celery, carrots, onions, white peppercorns

i do not really have the measurements because i just ‘a-gar’ (guess) my way through and season it by tasting. (more/less salt and pepper that’s it)

gosh, this is simple. good for lazy mornings. ready-made english muffins, sliced ham and you just have to make a scramble egg and that’s all. add a slice of cheese if you fancy. i like it with tomato sauce.

i need to finish the celery i bought to make the soup, so decided to stir fry the veg. ly hates celery, i’m not a fan too so i’ve to make it as yummy as possible. first, i boil the celery in water to soften them (add pinches of salt and sugar to the water). i also boiled the mushroom cos i do like the very strong mushroom smell. then i stir fry everything with garlic and just a little chicken stock for the saltiness.

another simple dish – because i used the curry paste! dad bought for me to bring it over here. it’s from TungSan. They even uploaded a recipe. their sambal sauce is awesome too. lucky for these sauces, i’m able to still taste local flavours in the states! simple recipes for complex dishes like curry chicken!

you noticed that i used a lot of potatoes huh haha becos i love potatoes, i don’t even eat much of the chicken.

HA! fried rice is my 拿手菜!the key to yummy fried rice is to use overnight rice! so if you have leftover rice, don’t force it down your stomach, save it for fried rice the next day. i usually fry the rice with garlic, carrots, a veg (i’ve tried long beans/lady finger/celery), eggs and a protein (usually chicken/pork).

I don’t know if this is the ‘right’ method but i’ve always done it this way.

1) add oil (add more for your rice to taste yummy wor), add garlic, carrots & veg (it depends what veg you use and how fast it gets cooked)

2) add the rice when the garlic and veg starts to get slightly brown

3) flatten the rice, cut through the cold rice cos they tend to stick together. add a bit of water if need be.

4) season the protein and cook them in a separate pan. add them to the rice when they are like 3/4 cooked. i don’t cook them with the rice fr the start becos the protein tends to overcook if you add in at the early stage as the rice will take a while to ‘crisp’.

5) the eggs. most people are lazy to use a separate pan to cook the eggs. so they usually crack into the fried rice but that will cause the eggs to stick to the rice and become gluey. so always, cook the eggs in a separate pan and again when they are 1/2 cooked, add them to the rice.

6) for seasoning, i always use salt and sesame oil. daddy gave me a tip to make fragrant fried rice, that is: carve out a hole in the wok, then drizzle sesame oil in the middle, the sesame oil should hit the wok directly, not on top of the rice. let the oil sizzle with the rice surrounding the puddle of sesame oil in the middle, in that case the ‘fragrance’ will spread to the rice around it, without making the rice very oily.

pork chop (black pepper mushroom sauce) with boiled veg. the pork was seasoned with just salt and pepper. i took the easy way again, bought the ready-made lee kum kee black pepper sauce. simply add a bit of water to the paste, add mushrooms and put it to a boil. drizzle it over the veg and pork chops.

i still have a few more dishes to publish. brb tmr (:


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