more dishes!

ddukboki! korean spicy ricecake. this is easily my favourite korean dish! i bought the ricecake, fishcake and the hot pepper sauce – gochujang from Hmart, the korean supermarket here!

according to the packaging on the rice cake, you have to first ‘soften’ the rice cake in cold water, leave in for 2 hrs prior to cooking.

again, i do not have exact measurements, i added a little oil, the hot pepper sauce, water, cabbage, rice cake, fish cake and the maggi mee. lastly, add approx 1tbs of sugar. taste to flavour accordingly. for more precise recipe, check out: maangchi’s

i’ve done this dish a few times, but the most recent dish is the by far the best i’ve cooked. yay! even ly who is not a fan of rice cake, finds it yummy too.

Dang jang chi gae – soybean soup (1st attempt)

this is ly’s favourite korean dish, so i tried to attempt it. i didn’t have the recipe, hence i created it based on memory, what the girls and i did many years back during a cookout in singapore.

ingredients: soybean paste, clams, tofu, onions, potato, golden mushroom and cucumber (zucchini)

boil the water, add the paste, clams and onions. lower the fire and let the stew simmer. after 30 mins or so, add in the sliced potato, golden mushroom and cucumber because these get overcooked easily. slice the potato and cucumber thinly for better texture. add in tofu last because the constant stirring will smash up the tofu easily.

result (ly): it tasted more like seafood soup than soybean soup, you should put more bean paste.

(jo): i’ll cook the soup till i perfect it. you shall be my guinea pig.

bi bim bap

meatball aglio oglio

boil the spag al dente, cook in olive oil with onions and tomatoes. i like it with chopped 小辣椒. for the meatball, i made them! because i don’t take beef, so i’ve to make my own pork balls. it’s minced pork with chopped carrots and onions. i rounded them in my hands, dusted with corn flour and then microwaved them – which is a HUGE mistake. i’m lazy to deep fry because of the oiliness and eek unhealthy. but microwaving them, aiyo the timings have to be precise. the first batch i put it in turned out to be super hard – un-bitable la. anyway, that black puddle on the right is black pepper golden mushroom la because again, i’ve leftover golden mushroom to clear.

minced pork porridge! for breakfast/light lunch. porridge is simple la. rice + excessive water. put to a boil. use chicken stock/anchovies for the saltiness. carrots and onions for the sweetness. minced pork for the protein. i would have added 皮蛋/咸蛋 if i have them. again! you spotted the 炸油葱 and 炸银鱼! told you it’s super useful!

wanted to cook braised pork 卤肉饭 but i didn’t have pork in the fridge so i did a substitute – chicken! so it’s a dark soya sauce chicken with 卤蛋!i added 4 eggs because ly loves eating eggs! i’ll put up a recipe when i attempt the braised pork belly.

thai pork basil rice with fried egg! i think this is my most successful dish so far! i really liked it alot! it was yummy la! thanks to the other wives who brought me to the vietnam market and introduced me to the fresh herbs there! we even shared our ingredients and herbs so i won’t end up with excessive overdue ingredients!

add a little oil to the frying pan. when oil is hot, add the garlic and onions. when it’s browned, add in the minced pork. fry and separate the minced pork till it’s in small bits. meanwhile add 1tbs of soya sauce, 1tbs ponzu (jap citrus soya sauce) sprinkle a little sugar and i think that’s about it! it will be good if you can use a little of the fish sauce, but i’ve yet to buy. which is why i substitute it with ponzu+sugar. add more soya sauce if you feel that it’s not salty enough. lastly i added in the fresh basil leaves, mint leaves and chilli padi. stir-fry them till the leaves are shiny and it’s ready to serve.

You all should know how to fry an egg. add alot of oil if you like the sides to crisp up. drizzle 黑酱油 on it and it’s super yums!

kimchi pancake! super yummy!!! i got the recipe from maangchi again. it’s super easy to make! you just have to buy ready-made kimchi from supermarkets and add basic ingredients like flour, oil, onions, salt and sugar! then you get super yummy pancakes! don’t even need to go to korean restaurants for expensive pancakes!

i attempted the soup again! and this time it’s a success! hee i added super alot of bean paste and it’s tasting alot more like the real deal. Ly happily finished the entire pot! *beams.

the bottom dish is the cold potato starch noodles. i seasoned the noodles with sesame oil, soya sauce and ponzu, and refrigerated a big bowl to serve as side dish/eat when ly came home famished and i havent even started cooking.


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