date out

yippie! saturday day out shopping and eating. wooh.

there are 2 common chain bakeries here – la madeline and corner bakery. have been to the former quite a few times, last saturday too.

the portions are damn big, we can order a sandwich entre and share. it’s super sufficient for breakfast/brunch.

then we headed to south lake town square for shopping! it’s a nice quaint town, with good shopping and seems like a really nice place to chill and spend the afternoon.

the south lake has one of my favourite stores – Anthropologie. I really LOVE their things, especially kitchen and dining items. i just want to buy EVERYTHING.

we decided on these cute-coloured bowls. what do you think of green and coral? i think they are awkwardly matching!

as we were going to pay up, i ran to grab these cups. haha! to match the bowls. guess LY’s reaction? haha. LY, “it’s coming out of your budget huh..” Jo, “ha-nah ha-nah, i must get these, it’s super pretty.” LY, “what are you using it for? Coffee? Tea?” Jo, “I don’t know yet.. aiya just get them first.”

ly told me the cheesecake factory serves the BEST cheesecake he has ever eaten, so yup! after a few hours of shopping, we went to this cheesecake factory to rest our legs and have dessert!


cheesecake galore.

we picked the 30th anniversary chocolate cake cheesecake. i decided to give it a try since LY said the cheesecakes are really YUMMY and he purposely picked a not-that-creamy (chocolate < cheesy taste) cheesecake. and guessed what, i actually managed to eat half of the cake! and i do think it’s super d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s

Ju! i think you’ll like it there! let’s go there together!




weekends are joanna-driving days because LY can sit beside and guide me. TA-DAH. my first few driving experience here.


3 thoughts on “date out

  1. to ju: yay! i will! (: have been driving really alot lately! feeling much better le!
    to chye: haha! yup its really yummy! i shall challenge another flavour the next time!

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