We left for Austin on 初一 while everyone is busy house-visiting, eating bah kwa and playing ban luck. I wished I was in Sg, I really did. This CNY does not feel like one for me for various reasons:

– no CNY deco in the hse

– incomplete spring cleaning due to incompetent jo

– no CNY goodies due to poor supply in the States and poor health status of jo

– no brand new PJs

– no steamboat pot in the house

– no 拜拜 at 四马路

– no ang baos

– no oranges in the house

– i didn’t even paint my nails or go to the manicurist

etc etc.

most importantly: my parents, relatives and friends are in SG! i miss them so much!! CNY definitely feels different without them. And yes, it’s the first time i’m spending CNY overseas without them by my side!

soooooo. back to the topic on Austin. Since CNY no longer feels like CNY + long weekend, we decided to do a short drive to Austin which is approx 4 hours away from where we are.

i’m so glad LY loves driving.



our 初一 dinner is at this really cosy French restaurant – Chez Nous

escargots – sauteed with button mushrooms and garlic sauce

steak – grilled angus chateauloin served with parsley and pernod butter medallion

duck confit – homemade confit duck legs, grilled, served with dried cherry and walnut compote and balsamic syrup

dessert – profiteroles

LY said Austin is the capital of live music. it sure is. He googled and found It has the updates to the live music scene in Austin and lists down the venues and gigs to catch. We decided on the Elephant Room. Jazzy night out.

No joke. It was so good we bought the pianist’s CD.

i really like these, so here’s a pic.


san marcos outlets are so much more shioks than allen’s. we shopped the full day. VS is super cheap, i’ll nv shop in regular stores anymore. got ed hardy stuff at a steal too. the highlight was the dresses i got fr Barney. CHEAP max. MBMJ and DVF at like 60 bucks? WOOH.

after a full day of shopping, we were famished and tired. so lazy us just whack trip advisor recommendations and ended up at Rudy’s.

bbq brisket and ribs. with super yummy sides.

it was served with white bread, supposed to ‘kiap’ the meat and the Rudy’s special bbq sauce and eat it like a sandwich. we prefer only-the-meat version.

then we headed down to Continental Club for live music. this round, they had a number of lineups so ly and i managed to catch 2 gigs from like 10ish all the way to almost 2am!

sorry, you can hardly see anything. but it was damn crowded. the band even has his own supporters/fans below the stage.

random retro car outside the club

third day! shopping on sixth street early afternoon before we head back.

there’s this shop called wild about music. it sells all sorta nonsense related to music. from accessories to household to paintings and etc, anything that has a treble clef or notes.

and LY bought this!


neon light violin clock. it’s like hard rock, with a guitar violin.


alrighty! happy week ahead!


3 thoughts on “Austin

  1. Erm… Shipped 8 boxes of ‘stuff’ and it’s been less than 2 months (I think) and you are already shopping? I reckon you’ll be back with 80, at the rate you are going. 😉

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