SF. Day2

the brunch. happening timsum just around M’s place. not the US’s timsum, but 100% hongkong style. oh yay.

and the adventure began! Cousin M drove us into town, we were busy snapping from inside the car.

driving on Golden Gate Bridge

Taking pictures of the famous San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. Across SF.

SF skyline in the background. Nice. See how touristy it is!

Look how strategically we park our car. Lucky us (:

Boo! (: getting into the car for our next destination!

Sausalito! A sea side town which is so charming. I fell in love with the place immediately.

I wanna stay in one of these houses, facing the sea and SF skyline. woooooh.

Such nice weather. Aww.

A golden retriever doing its fetch out there in the sea. it sure can swim well. the owner was so heartless to throw the tennis ball so far out laaa. for the 15 mins i was there, i thinnk the dog has done like 5 rounds and still wanted to play more.

ta-dah. completing the experience with an ice-cream in our hands. look like summer huh. nope. it’s windy and colddd but not enough to stop us from savouring the icecream (: Look how big the cone is! it took me 1 hr and i didn’t even manage to finish it. that’s the thing about eating ice cream in winter. you can take as long as you want to finish cos it will not melt!

after the super chillax walk along the town, we got back into the car and headed to another phototaking spot for the Golden Gate Bridge. haha more bridge.

It was still across SF but on an elevated ground so you could see more of the bridge.

it’s a Bridge day. We headed back to SF, and drove up to Twin Peaks before it turned dark to capture the bird’s eye view of the entire SF city. It was super good weather day so all the more we took the opportunity to do the more scenic phototaking stuff! it’s also the weekend! so Cousin M wasn’t working and could drive us around. We gonna do inside the city ourselves on the weekdays where car isn’t required.

spotted a cute vintage car making its way up the peaks.

after a long tiring day of sightseeing, it was time for dinner. heehee.

We decided on PPQ Dungeness Island Vietnamese Cuisine which was highly recommended by Cousin M and Yelp! haha. Beware! the below is gonna make you hungry (:

Cabbage salad with chicken

Deep fried soft shell crabs

Roasted dungeness crab

House garlic noodles

Braised string beans

Steamed shitake sea bass

there was this smoky pork dish which we dived in without taking pics.

K managed to join us after his work. just nice for 好料! yums!

i was so happy to have good food loh. couldn’t hide it man.

needless to say, it was SUPER yummy. every dish is heavenly. i love the noodles esp. and the fish! dungeness crab tastes different from those sri lankan ones we used to eat in sg. i still prefer the big sri lankan kind but this was also good. it’s a must-eat in the west coast esp in San Francisco! you see Dungeness crabs being sold everywhere! i tot the meat is a lit tougher? more 口感? taste-wise, it is really sweet and fresh.

so! you think we were done for the day? Nope. even tho we are full to the max!! we went in search for chinese desserts! haha! i don’t get to eat 芝麻糊 all these in Dallas so of course i had to eat my fill in San Francisco, which is super known for having awesome variety of Asian food!

a 茶餐厅 which cannot be more 茶餐厅-looking.

i’m tired from just posting pics of 1 day in SF. more to come!


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