It was my first time catching an ice hockey game. n OMG, it was SUPER exciting. it’s easily the most intense and exciting live matches I’ve ever watched! We were cheering the Dallas Stars team of cos, but unfortunately, we lost to the Philadelphia Flyers in the penalty shootout! ARGH! It was a FULL ice hockey experience for us, from the usual 3 periods of 20 mins each to extra time, more extra time and the penalty shootout! The tickets were so worthwhile!

outside AA Stadium. It’s my 1st time there!

That’s how ‘high’ LY jumps, errr compared to Nowitzki? like 30 inches difference?!? wow

We’ll always try to get souvenirs from any concerts/matches we watch..

AA Stadium

We were cheering either for them to score or to break into a fight! haha, just like what we see on TVs, ice hockey players being slammed to the sides intentionally, got tripped and etc. Then they will get agitated and throw flying punches! Aiya all those didn’t happen. There were only got huge collisions, some minor and major penalties here and there. What puzzled me still is why do they kept changing players in and out the rink in a single period? (maybe I’ll go google in a while)


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