happy weekend!

What are you all doing over this weekend?

The april month kicked off well with a string of events – the supercross, keith’s bbq, jo’s (not me, another friend called Jo) surprise bday party, nba game and more.

In addition to the supercross post below, here’s a video for you to feel the atmosphere.

Keith’s bbq was held at Sandy Lake.

It was a beautiful day for activities. There were many people launching their kayaks near the bbq pit. Of course, many were fishing too. I spoke to the guys, the river is called trinity river and the route is a loop round the trees, so it makes well as a short dist kayaking trip. I’d love to kayak there too.

Cola loves the chasing game. LY was making her chase him all over the field.

LY was tired out even before Cola gets warmed up! She’s asking him for more now.

Pretty pleaseeee

Cola doesn’t take ‘NO’ as an answer. They were negotiating.

Times like this make me wonder if LY is a dog lover too. haha. He never expresses genuine interest in dogs but when he starts playing with them, he’s like a little boy.

Ok.. a group picture!

Just as the heat continued to rise, we heard a familiar ring-a-ring.

“The ice-cream man is here!”

“PADDLE POP! HOY! PADDLE POP! … (anyone still remember the lyrics?)”

Just like old times. Didn’t expect US to have such ice-cream vans!

And I tried kite-flying for the 1st time in my life!

This post is getting lengthy with the photos. Save the rest for the next post!

Have a happy weekend!

Signing off with a repost of ACUPOFJO’s – 15 Jobs You Neve Knew Existed

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