Highly-recommended chinese BBQ by LY. Wow, it blew me away. 4 months without decent chinese food, this is GOOD. Too bad it’s a little far from where we stay, else I’ll bug him to go all the time! Having tried this, I’m never going back to First BBQ (where I had my CNY meal).

Fatty pork. Fatty enough. Roast duck. Oily enough. MAX yummy.

COWBOYS STADIUM! My first time there! Heard so much about this stadium, I’m finally here! (Superbowl tickets were min $2000 for the further-est seat, and the stadium seats 80,000!)

And the race began! See the 5-colour flames! Pretty huh.

Look! Candy floss in a wheel!

Cute kids sitting in front of us! I guess it was getting boring for them.. it’s a good 2-3 hrs race.

This is who I was rooting for! Ryan Dungey! Not only does he have the looks, he’s good too! Most imptly, we ran into him while walking to the stadium. He was on his bike, and stopped at the traffic lights for us to pass. We recognised him as a racer because of his bike and clothing. He didn’t have his helmet on, so I saw his face and immediately nudged LY to tell him how cute the racer is. He looked super stressed, so I thought he must be some amateur racer and that was probably his first few races.

My jaw dropped when I saw how many supporters he has inside the stadium and he was actually the hot favourite!

1st-place – AMA Supercross Championship
1st-place – AMA Motocross Championship
1st-place – 2010 MX des Nations

That was his track record last year! Damn it, I should have taken a picture with him when I saw him!

We were lucky! That was how close we sat!

Our take-home souvenir! A supercross cap!

A last shot at the beautiful stadium at the end of race when everyone has left.


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