Jo’s (not me) birthday

My 1st attempt at making cake fr scratch, so this is rather a big deal for me!

The birthday girl likes chocolate, cheese and milano chocolate cake so I tried to incorporate all these components in the cake. It wasn’t meant to be a tiered cake, i wanted to make a 2-layered chocolate cake with cream cheese filling in between. However, my 2nd layer broke (near the edges) while i tried to overturn the cake pan and get the cake out. between re-baking and improvising, I trimmed the 2nd layer into another circle and placed it on top. I couldn’t do the filling in between anymore so i had to spread it all round and cover the cake. I only had a spatula, and it was so hard to spread the frosting evenly on the outside. Thanks for the biscuits, ribbon and Mitch’s decorative icings, it diverted attention away from the ugly frosting. The end product turned out quite well. Lucky! Oh, and of course the taste was heavenly! HAHA. I mean everyone said it’s good, even LY who’s not a fan of chocolate, praised that it was the best chocolate item I’ve ever made. (Perhaps my betty crocker chocolate cake 10 years ago still freaked him out) I took the recipe fr here and altered it slightly. He still reminded me to write down my alterations so I can re-make it because his mum will so adore it.

*I used 1 cup of sugar instead of 2. *Olive oil instead of vegetable oil (healthier option). *A mixture of half cup expresso and half cup boiling water.

For the cream cheese, I followed this simple recipe. *Also reduced the sugar to 1 1/4 cup instead of 2 cups of sugar.

The cake turned out to be really dense and moist.

Almost forgot! I made a pie crust base too! Just to have some crunchy texture while eating the cake. I always like having some biscuits/crunchy layer in my cake. Here’s the recipe.

The birthday girl!

Weird enough, the theme for that night’s food is Malay? I couldn’t remember how we derived to that, but M made us really nice nasi lemak. And P fried some tasty ikan bilis and peanuts with sambal chilli. It was shiok max. Not forgetting we had yummy eggs, sambal fried beans and curry chicken! Somehow we threw in pappadum too. I know, that’s Indian. All in all, that meal was one of the best I had for the longest time here. It was ‘authentic’ local home food. Aww.

On a sidenote, K is growing so fast. She’s alot bigger than when I saw her 3 months back. Hey, 3 months is not a long time but for a toddler, OMG, her vocabulary expands on an exponential rate! Here are some cute photos of her that night.

Last but not least, a group picture! (:


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