San Antonio (continued 2)

Woke up at 6pm/ Headed out to Riverwalk/ Weekend after 6pm/ Crowded/ Free roadside parking

Before the trip, we heard stuffs like the riverwalk is no diff from like Sg Clarke Quay, our CQ looks even better etc.
In the day, it really looks so-so.

I don’t even wanna take the boat ride. I wanna go Venice.

Riding on the royal wedding hype, I spotted some horse carriages on the road and told LY, “see! we can also do a wedding here!”

The Alamo. The last mission on the trail which ends in the Downtown.

We strolled to La Villita (the little village) which houses plenty of quirk art galleries and colourful shops. There was also a scheduled outdoor performance that evening.

Traditional spanish dance performances. Consisting of kids as young as 4yo and ah-mas up to 80yo!

The lit cowboys were so good at it!

That’s how it looks like at night! Definitely prettier! It looks much better than CQ in my opinion! The atmosphere is totally different! Al fresco by the river, listening to live traditional spanish folk songs, authentic mexican food, cooling weather.. tsk tsk.

Howl at the moon seems like the most happening place. It had such long queues to enter. Thankful for a visitor coupon, we did not have to pay cover! It’s a dueling piano performance, where audience can dedicate songs and there will be 2 pianists performing, alongside with other accompaniments – drums, guitar etc. It’s a high-energy performance, with no excessive talking and pauses. It just goes on and on. Very spontaneous! The musicians are very versatile to all genres of songs and are really talented! I wonder how they rem all the lyrics of the songs! Usually there are a lot of birthday parties, bachelorettes’ parties so these people always get ‘sabotaged’ to go up the stage. It’s nothing like the Sg, where at Timbre at most you just go up and sing a song or get sung to. Over here, you usually have to do some stupid stuff. The show is centered around audience participation. It’s fun to watch becos everyone is so spontaneous and all the tables will cheer for the person!

Wrapping up the trip with some random pics taken along the way..

Nice Red Bull mini cooper (:
(alit background: was on RB acct for a short period of time back in Sg. wished for this to have come to Sg. that would be nice. can’t help taking a pic when i saw it.)

Shoes polishing service along the roadside

Along the way. Old school toy shop.

Just for fun. Guess whose leg is whose.


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