Baseball Match

This is my first baseball game in the States! It was the Texas Rangers vs New York Yankees. I don’t know much about the teams and history but they both sound like really strong teams! Texas Rangers was 2nd in place last year! and Yankees, come on, who haven’t heard of them before? We arrived earlier than the game time for some summer BBQ. It was cool! I always see that on TV shows and Top Chef, where the spectators will pitch up at the car park to chill, BBQ and drink before the game starts! We were there with our friendly American friends and they were kind enough to bring along their BBQ pits, sound system and even ordered a portable toilet!

It was no doubt scorching hot with the Texas summer heat.

That’s the Ball Park in the background!

Getting into the park.

Awww, a cute boy sitting next to me!

It looks grand!

And this is how it looks at night.

Fireworks at the end of the game. (despite Rangers losing)

Signing off with this video of LY

The story: We were queueing to buy some baseball merchandise where we got approached by this lady who claimed to be one of the game organisers. She asked if we are interested to participate in a game. She continued to elaborate that it is a game of searching for a diamond ring in a sand dune and will be held after the baseball game. LY and I were half amused, half puzzled, like “huh?” Then I promptly told the lady that “Yes! HE will join!” haha. Well, there’s no harm just giving her a name and if we are not interested, just don’t turn up la! Furthermore, I immediately thought of those games held at NBA halftime where selected fans will be on the court doing some tricks or throwing balls, and win some prizes/souvenirs! It must be the case for baseball games too! One of the reasons why I love going to sports games/matches in the States. There are a lot of things to watch apart from the real action, like the mini games, mini performance, audience interaction, freebie giveaways, kiss cam and etc! I was excited to see LY on the BIG screen! So, I VOLUNTEERED him! We have no idea what it’s about! The lady took down LY’s name, and asked him to meet her at the 7th inning.

Near to the 7th inning, LY went down to meet her. I contemplated to join him but decided against so that I can capture him on screen with my camera from where I was sitting. He called me 15 minutes later and told me that the organisers brought him and other participants to a VIP area to wait, at the same time watch the game. He was just NEXT to the pit/bases! TMD! I was seated SOOOOOOOO high up there and couldn’t see very clearly! I was getting excited about the game he was going to play, since he was ushered to the VIP area through some secret passage way, it must be a big deal! There’s a high chance he’s going to appear on the screen! Not some offline game outside the stadium! He’s going to play on the pit and be on screen!

True enough, he went up the pit for the game! It must be a great feeling looking up at the huge stadium! Too bad, the game was held after the baseball game ended. The crowd was clearing by then. They didn’t have a choice because the participants weren’t supposed to step on the pit when the game is on.

*Apart from the close up at 43 sec, the rest is pretty boring.

And of course, he didn’t win the 1-carat diamond ring for me. BORING.


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