so. Dallas Mavericks won the 2011 NBA final championship! (:
so happie. it’s my 1st time following a NBA season, and being in Dallas, of course i support Mavericks! they nv disappoint!
right from the start, i’ve been saying, it will be miami heats vs dallas mavericks in the finals. true enough, it’s them!
my confidence level for mavericks was kinda low, knowing that they are competing against the big 3 in heats.. despite that, they amazed everyone and performed to their best.

even though i’m not physically at the final games, i’ve never missed a game on the tv.
i’m lucky to be able to watch the playoffs live in dallas a few weeks back. here are some overdue photos:

ly snapped this while i’m trying to get into my game gear.

how out-dated is this poster? dirk is spotting a short hair?

a sea of blues.

that’s kobe!

the mascot on a extended ladder cheering the crowd to chant on “BEAT LA”

a post-game couple pic!

Yes, it’s Game 4 against Lakers, where Mavericks beat Lakers with a stunning sweep of 4-0 in the series!

the last minutes of the game. a capture of the winning moment.


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