ang ku kueh-making

we met up for an angkukueh-making session. for dear Tyan’s full mth celebration.
evidence of our hardwork:

the freshly steamed kuehs! looks pretty good out here huh. do you know that ang ku kueh takes the shape of a tortoise? that’s why it’s called ang (red) ku (tortoise) kueh (pantry). the tortoise shape is to symbolise longevity, and of course, red is an auspicious colour!

not just the 3 of us hard at work, Mitch and her mum were busy guiding us through the recipe and cajoling lit T.

It’s definitely a tedious process! much more than any of my baking attempts. it took almost 4.5 adults and 4-5 hrs to make (i can’t rem how many) kuehs. no wonder nobody makes them in Sg anymore, they just order. However, some things just taste better when it’s handmade with love. The process was made sweeter just with great company.

the 1st mth celebration is coming up next!


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