Tyan’s full month celebration

Mummy and daddy has put together this beautiful setup for the celebration. Sprinkles cupcakes, fine chinaware, fresh flowers and a whole load more.

Mummy and lovely Tyan. She’s sleeping so soundly despite having so many people swarming towards her!

Look what happen when you hold a party with kids. many kids. They turn the room upside down.

Group shot 1: Lit’ K hiding behind mummy.

Group shot 2: Proud parents – Paul and Mitch!

Look at Valen!! so adorable! Remember an old post with his picture?

I was next to Valen when he suddenly got uncomfortable lying in his carrier. He was probably craving for some attention, for people to play with him. Hee, I glanced over and started to coax him. Lit’ bro, Valdus saw it too and came over to “help”. I took out my camera and started snapping when I realised that Valdus seemed to know exactly what to do – find Valen’s pacifier and give it to him before he cries and winces. Momentarily, I was thinking, “aww what a sweet and understanding lit’ big bro!”

After a while.. HAHA. I realised what big brother was doing. He was having fun, giving the pacifier to baby Valen, making him happy then wickedly pulling it away to watch his lit’ bro’s face frown and crease up. Just before Valen broke into a cry, he’d immediately pushed the pacifier back in again. It’s like “testing the water” and anticipating the 100 different expressions/reactions a baby can have.

Maybe I was as evil too, watching it silently by the side. Hee. And (maybe) secretly enjoying! Haha! Such adorable pair of brothers!

And of course, I have to end the post with this absolutely sweet pic of Tyan!

Life never fails to amaze me. Befriending M, watching her preggie, giving birth, post-preg, and how a life grows, it’s wonderful. Congratulations once again! May you and your family are always blessed with abundant of love and joy!


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