happy birthday to my dearest LY

We set off to Panama City Beach early in the morning! It’s supposed to be an early mini celebration for LY’s birthday!

First stop: Thomas Donuts and Snack Shop

very old school looking donut shop tucked in the far stretch of the beach front.
totally worth the queue becos the donuts are so yummy!

in the end, we bought a dozen of donuts, in order to get them in a box. they have the donuts in some many zillions flavours that we were spoilt for choice! we ate all 12 of the donuts over a span of 3 days. i shudder at the thought of it. gosh, the calories.

next stop: the beach!
i bought a new picnic blanket for the trip. @Js, let’s picnic when i get back!

we baked for 2 hours and it got so hot that we gave up. we had lunch at the Boatyard.
the BLT (bacon, lobster and tomato) sandwich was good!

how about some wine post lunch? (:

panama city beach winery! it tops the tripadvisor’s places to go!
the winery houses so many different kinds of (exotic) fruit wines! i’ve never tasted 100% fruit (fruits apart from grapes) wines and here we got to sample strawberry/mango/kiwi/pineapple/guava/blueberry/passionfruit and a lot more different fruit wines! they were all semi-sweet/sweet wines so LY loved it! (: we bought a couple and left for the Pier Park.

at the Pier Park.

it’s probably one the best days since my arrival here! *beams.


and on Sunday! It was Father’s Day, as well as LY’s birthday!
LY needed to study/work at home, so we had it simple at home. I made dinner and an icecream cheesecake for him!
The kitchen is pathetic here, no oven = no baking. This sux, I couldn’t bake at all! Hence, the only cake I can probably make is cheesecake.

I made an icecream (blue bell chocolate chip cookie dough) cheesecake with nutella swirl. recipe to come soon!

Happy Birthday to my dearest LY. You have been a star in my life. I wish for nothing but the best, for you. May you always be blessed with abundant of happiness, love and joy. Always be safe and healthy. I love you!


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