Surprise Farewell BBQ

This is way overdued, since i’m rather free these days, i should blog more frequently! even if it means events that happened eons ago!

The girls threw LY and me a surprise farewell BBQ before we left! Yes, very sweet of them (: They were secretive and even kept me out from grocery shopping! hee! The weather wasn’t as hot as now so it was still pretty shiok to BBQ by the pool. We weren’t even sweating a bit, perhaps it was a cool day. They bought the food, marinated and prepared everything! Aww. Happy and touched at the same time! Let the pictures do the talking now.

The food was so yummy! We bbq’ed pre-marinated (korean style) meat from Hmart, and wrapped it up with fresh lettuce! That’s a pretty good way to eat plenty of veggies at bbq!

AM, that’s a greedy look!

Bonding between Daddy and lit’ K.

How pretty lit’ K grows up to be.

Rubbing auntie Jo’s (not me) bruise.

And her lit sis. Yawns. “There’s nothing for me here..”

(still can’t get over how deep her double eyelids are! *jeals)

Farewell balloons! and they picked out my favourite hydrangeas! So lovely!

Thank you all of you! n their hubbies who weren’t in pictures. Thank you, not just for the day but the company, support and love shown in the past months! We enjoyed everything to bits! (:


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