to stop procrastinating..

i should jot out loud my timetable so i don’t slack.

1. start the day early so as to maximise my day. i don’t need 9 hrs of slp daily.
people say, you have to be specific about your targets. ok, 8am.

2. have my daily dose of coffee and news. no, not just facebook updates and tweets.

3. check my inboxes and send some love occasionally.

4. study my japanese. at least 2 hours/day.

5. blog. n update my travelogue. i’ll start from the latest and date back.

6. exercise. be it golf or gym.

7. try out a new recipe everyday. if you have any good recipes, please send. i’m open to all cuisines, only limited by food resources here.

remaining time: some TV and laughter with LY.
I’m currently on:
Whale Wars, Storage Wars, Masterchef S2, LPGA (this weekend? i just missed today’s game), endless Natgeo/Discovery/Animal Planet in the background.
Just finished Twilight (finally! i know. I stopped at book3 for the longest time. finally found my motivation to pick it up bcos it’s airing soon!) and about to start on Harry Potter, from the beginning. Wish me luck. I wonder how tall will 7 books stack up to be.

Let me work towards realising these!


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