SF. Day3

Kenneth joined us on the 3rd day as it was a federal holiday! It feels weird to be passengers. LY is usually the one at the wheels whenever we travel around in the states. It definitely feels good to be sitting behind, relaxing and watching the scenery go past. But for LY, I think he’s not accustomed to it yet, he was feeling bored and sleepy. haha.

Yes, we headed for Carmel, a small city 120 miles south of San Francisco. It’s a beautiful town, very laid-back and chill, similar vibes to Sausalito, just that it’s less touristy and crowded. Carmel streets are lined with galleries and cafes. Perfect setting to spend your Sunday afternoon. Oh, did I mention there’s a nice beach too? (: I heart the place, and I can’t ask for better company to spend the day with!

We had brunch at this placed called Belle. Check out the raving reviews and directions here!

I bet Kenneth captured this. I forgot what we were doing.. perhaps discussing what to eat. We wanted to eat everything on the menu!

Pictures of us.

Look at the spread!

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You may like to see Day 1 and Day 2 too!


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