Chicago. Day1.

Hello All. How did you celebrate your 4th July? (:

This is my 1st 4th July in the US! I missed it by a day last year. LY and I did a 2-week roadtrip last June/July, traveling to Washington DC, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Boston, New York and Philadelphia and I flew back on the 3rd July! What a waste!

This year, 4th July falls on a Monday which means that we can have a long weekend to travel! (:
In my 1-year stint in US, I aim to travel as much as I can! I want to conquer as many states as I can! And, you probably can guess where I went..



One of the cities I marked to go in this 1 year. And I must say, WOW! I’m so glad that I visited! I’ve this impression that it’s not a popular destination for most non-US visitors, what I meant is, most people will choose other big cities like New York, LA or other destinations like Orlando’s Disney, San Francisco’s Fisherman Wharf and Golden Gate to visit. The same applies to me. Chicago doesn’t seem like a top priority city to visit if you are coming all the way from Asia.

LY and I had an awesome time in this beautiful city. Let me share a little more about this place..

Took this shot on the way to the hotel. Just like many big cities in the US, there are a lot of cyclists and joggers on the road. There are also many parks in this city – Millenium Park, Lincoln Park, Grant Park, Jackson Park, Garfield Park and etc!

We checked in our hotel – Holiday Inn Mart Plaza. Since we booked our hotel really last minute (2 hours prior to arrival), we didn’t have many options left. I tried bidding on priceline and comparing the prices on hotwire for almost 2 hours, it almost killed me! We were fortunate to even get a room in the Downtown on this crowded 4th July holiday.

That’s the view from our hotel room!


LY made plans with his old friend, Pei Shan, who is currently studying in Chicago for dinner. She was nice to pick us up and arrange for dinner at Giordano’s Pizza! Giordanos is really famous for deep dish pizza, a local Chicago’s version of stuffed pizza. A must-eat dish when one visits Chicago!

You can’t ask me if it’s delicious because I’m not a fan of cheese and don’t do well with it. I managed to finish a big slice of it though, so that must say something good about it. I asked LY and he said it was good, but he still prefers thin crust pizza.

We were so busy talking that I didn’t take many pictures. We were updating her about SG’s doings in these recent years. She used to stay in SG when she were younger before migrating to the US. Since this trip was decided really last minute, Pei Shan already had plans that weekend. However, she was nice to give us tips and where to go in Chicago to make sure we enjoy Chicago. We left with a great load of information more than enough to keep ourselves max out for 2 days.

After dinner, LY and I dropped by the Navy Pier before heading back to the hotel. The Pier was still crowded at 10pm! There were even cruises scheduled to depart at 11pm! Truly touristy city!

There was a live band performing by the Pier! And the bar was so crowded!

One last pic before our battery runs dead.

I still thought that I bagged a good hotel deal from Priceline. It wasn’t Priceline’s fault, we bided for a Downtown hotel, I thought it’s alright to pay more for a Downtown hotel so that we can walk to the city’s attractions like the Navy Pier, Michigan Ave, Millenium Park and etc. It turned out to be a long 33 minutes’ walk back to the hotel from the Navy Pier. Ouchs, I think our hotel falls right at the edge of the area denoted for Downtown on Priceline. Thankfully, it wasn’t a torturous walk. The cityscape is so enchanting that we were busy absorbing all its beauty along the way back. Too bad my camera’s battery was out and couldn’t take any photos. LY and I promised to return the next night to take more pictures!

Stay tuned for more updates about our adventure in Chicago!

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