Chicago. Day2. (the observatories)

Views from John Hancock Observatory.


Views from Skydeck – Willis Tower.

(1) Views are similar in terms of height. Seriously when you are that high up, a couple difference in storeys not gonna be huge difference in the views you get.

(2) Well, from the John Hancock you get to see the coastal line better, ie more beach views. And from the Willis Tower, you see the buildings better.

(3) The price? John Hancock costs $16.80 and Willis costs $17. We paid for the Go Chicago card, so we got free access to these attractions.

(4) The queue? HA. No queue at John Hancock’s, but be prepared to queue at least 1-2 hours for Willis. Thankfully for the Go Chicago card, we didn’t have to queue for the General Admission line which was VERY long. However, it still took a good 30-45 mins.

And when we were finally up, the first thing that greeted us when the elevator opened, it was a LONG queue to get down. ARGH.

(5) Get a feel of the HEIGHT at Willis’s. Stand at the full glass balconies and stare down 102 storeys, 1353 feet down. That was quite an experience, my first time being so high above the ground (excluding taking airplane rides). The Willis Tower is the tallest building in the US! I didn’t know prior to this visit.

(6) If you do not wish to queue and squeeze with kiasu tourists like me?, John Hancock might suit you better. And if you do not wish to PAY admission, sounds like a good deal? Yay, check out the Signature Room / Signature Lounge on the 95th and 96th floor of John Hancock. Sip a cocktail by the windows, enjoy the sunset and watch the city lights come on. Woooh. We’d probably done it this way if we hadn’t purchased the Go Chicago card. Check out the reviews here.


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