Chicago. Day 2. (Sightseeing around the city)

Taken below john hancock tower.

Then we hopped on the trolley bus, the stop is just next to the hancock tower.

And some shots of the city along the way..

Downtown Chicago.

The Hersey-looking chocolate top is the current Bloomingdales. It used to be a temple!

The Excalibur!

And Hard Rock!

The Magnificent Mile! Shopping street in Chicago.

Every turn we took, we will definitely see some nice building. My camera was kept on throughout.

Spot that familiar building in Transformer 3! (Right above my head) The building where the Autobots placed the pillars in order to teleport the whole Cybertron to Earth.

Chicago theatre!

The red structure is supposed to resemble an ostrich! Er, what do you think?

A pic before we got off the bus. Sitting on an open-top bus in Summer is a huge mistake. We were almost heat-stroke’ed.


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