Chicago. Day2. Others.

Then we visited the Art Institute of Chicago.

It’s conveniently located next to the Millenium Park so you can lump them up together in your itinerary. Check out the Millenium Bean and the outdoor theatre.
And this is my favourite painting in the gallery. Picture taken from here.

Georges Seurat created this form of painting called Pointillism, a technique where small dots of colours are painted to form an image.

Took another picture outside the Art Institute.

Check out that red building. You can spot that building easily from the observatories!

(I remember seeing a red building in New Orleans too.. I’ll probably update that in the future when I start on my Florida road trip blogging.)

We took some time to get this shot as I really wanted to capture the moving train in the background. We had to time our camera precisely.

Next destination: Food Festival at Grant Park! It is said to be the largest food festival (on wiki), I don’t know how they derive on that and if it’s true.. Anyway, we didn’t know about the food fest at all and were wondering why are there so many people near the park! We bumped into an Indian lady who was asking us for directions to the Skydeck-Willis Tower (er. Do we look like locals?) We were intending to visit that as well so we asked the lady to follow us. Along the way we chatted, she was surprised how much research we have done since we know all the touristy must-go places then she asked if we have gone to the Food Festival. HUH? THERE’S A FOOD FESTIVAL?!? haha SO.. I took out my phone and googled that straight away. Since the queue to go up to Willis Tower was so long, I had plenty of time to read up about the Food Festival and even downloaded the map and decided on the food that I wanted to eat!

The sun was setting, so the pictures look kinda dark. My camera was semi-spoilt, with the lens unable to retract. Yah, I dropped my camera on the beach during my last trip to Florida. Hence, the pictures didn’t look as good as my older photos. WHAT TO DO!! Anyway, here are the pictures.


This corn is the NICEST corn I’ve ever eaten! I’m not exaggerating! Corn is just.. corn to me. I didn’t know it can taste so much better than what I’ve eaten before! We bought BBQ ribs, steak sandwich, chicken taco and cheesecake for dessert!

We also checked out the Buckingham fountain since we were already in the park. Nah, it’s just a fountain. There were so many crowding and taking photos of the fountain, and of course being the touristy travelers (yah all the places we went to, cannot get any more touristy), we joined in and took photos.

[UPDATES on Buckingham Fountain via Wiki]
– one of the largest fountains
– meant to represent Lake Michigan
– each of the sea horses symbolize the 4 states – Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana, that border the lake

We then headed back to our hotel to charge our camera. It was almost flat and we still had an entire night, so as much as we dreaded the 30 minutes’ walk back to the hotel, and walking back the same distance back later, we had no choice. We hadn’t taken pictures of the city at night.

Before our camera went 100% flat..

Personally, I feel that the city looks the prettiest at dusk. (: With the dim yellowish street lamps, it adds a layer of warmth and romance to the atmosphere.

I’d like it better if only it’s colder.


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