I’ve always wanted to visit South Africa for the longest time, and even consider going there for my honeymoon. I’m even more inspired to go after seeing all the adventure posted by StoryofBing.

Isn’t this adorable! How close does she have to be in order to take this shot, or otherwise she has really good zoom. I like this picture!

Since I’m on the topic of animals, let me share one of my favourite animal-youtube-video.

Highlight: 0:52 1:15

I’d like to share this post that I saw some time back via ACUPOFJO.

Barcelona photographer Oscar Ciutat took these photos of caged animals to see if the lack of freedom is apparent in their eyes. I love to visit zoos and aquariums especially.. but sometimes when I think about the animals being caged and the freedom they would have otherwise, zoos seem kinda depressing. The same landscape and limited mobility for the animals, day by day. Of course, there are passionate zoo-keepers, some animals are endangered we’ll need to protect, and etc..

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Re-posting..

  1. haha, i wanna go SA too! i saw that video before~ superr sweet lor~~ hehe~

    i think without zoos, our future generations will nv get a chance to get up close with these animals & grow to love them, and w/o this part of education, they wun feel the need to want to protect them, so zoos are good! so long as the animals are well taken care of~ =))

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