Mobile uploads.

I was saving out my iphone photos last night and browsing through some random shots I’ve taken. (while shopping)
1. I took this back in December. Our snow boots were still out in the shoes area. I think I need more clear shoes containers now.
2. Deciding between the pink or the black. I got the black and something else in the end.
3. This will go well with my office wear. I didn’t buy it in the end because I don’t think I have much chance to wear them anyway.
4. These were on sale in Anthropologie. It still stings me a little that I didn’t buy them.
5. Wearing this makes me lol. It’s the famous five finger shoes, to simulate barefoot walking and running. It purports to have a lot more benefits than regular running/walking shoes! Don’t worry, I didn’t buy them. However, they are really comfy to walk in! Just that it takes some time to put them on, making sure all your toes go into the right pockets (yah, just like ankle socks).
6. Summer must-have wedges. I’d have gotten them if the base is made more comfortable. It’s of a perfect height for daily grocery and shopping.
7. A steal from Nordstrom Rack – Kelsi Dagger flats at $12! Heehee, of course I bought it!

Wooh! Enjoy a great weekend of potter! & shopping!


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