Chicago. Day 3. And goodbye.

We woke up early and all ready to queue for the famous Chicago hotdog at Hot Doug’s. It has a super high yelp’s rating of 4.5-star with a whooping 1702 reviews! Amazing! We heard that the queue line can be a easy 2 hours’ wait, so we planned to arrive an hour before it opens! And guess what..


Such a pity we only had a weekend in town, so we’d have to bid farewell to their hot dogs. I yelp’ed again to see if we can find any other hot dog alternative and I found..

Portillo’s Hot Dogs! Here’s their Yelp’s reviews.

There are plenty of seating in the restaurant and there is no wait. Prices are reasonable, and… hot dogs are good! They claim that theirs are better than Hot Doug’s, wooh I’ll never know though. I have not eaten a lot of hot dogs to know if this is the real deal, but at least the first bite sent me going hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I picked the Char-Grilled Maxwell Street Style Polish hot dog and I particularly love the grilled onions on it! LY had their Italian Beef! Remember to check out the toppings (sweet or hot peppers) and dips they offer too! LY ordered cheese fries, and I was thankful the cheese came in the form of a dip! It was great because I don’t take cheese and still could share the fries, and LY could use the dip on his hot dog! Perfect! You can check out the menu here.

Next up. Shedd Aquarium.

Ta-dah! That’s the Go Chicago card I was talking about here. See the queue and beyond?
Cut the queue with the Go card/City Pass!

LY with the big catfish!

Catch of the day!

Our favourite – the Beluga Whale!

I love love love aquariums. Since we already bought the Go Chicago card (Aquarium is one of the many free attractions), we visited it! LY had never done any interesting aquariums beyond Singapore’s Underwater World. Boring, I’d say. Here’s my chance to wow him with aquariums so I can convince him to visit more with me in the future!

We didn’t take many pictures in the aquarium, because our camera is really lousy and I was too engrossed in checking out all the sea creatures! It wasn’t a WOW aquarium, so it’s a good one to visit if
– you have already purchased the Go Chicago card/city pass
– you have adequate time to tour around in Chicago
– you have kids (I strongly recommend it)

[I’ll do a more detailed, I mean more photos, aquarium-post with my recent visit to the Georgia Aquarium. Stay around.]

We left the aquarium and took a stroll along the HUGE Lake Michigan.

Perfect weather to exercise and have picnic!

I think I can spend my entire afternoon there just watching the world passes. Have a picnic. And have some wine. (:

The crowd on July 4th weekend.

This has got to be my FAVOURITE sculpture in Chicago – The Cloud Gate, also known as The Bean. It was created with huge pieces of stainless steel welded together. Inspired by liquid mercury, it mirrored the stunning city skyline.

Perfect photo op!

Now with us in it.

Now, let’s move on to another side of The Bean.
This angle reflects the entire stretch of the city’s skyline.

Like what most of the other tourists were doing, we tried to capture our reflection in The Bean.


This city tour ended on a perrrrrrfect note with The Bean! Love it!


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