Mobile uploads. Random.

1. Starbucks & Cheesecake at Barnes & Noble
2. 还是喜欢,有那么一点的长不大。
3. My savior. Best moisturiser I’ve ever used. Perfect for the dry weather in US. It’s super moisturising, without leaving any oily after-feeling.
4. Seattle’s Best.
5. I’ve been drooling over this. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!
6. RL striped blouse with tie-up details on right shoulder blade. Buy.
7. I regretted cutting my hair 2 months back. Didn’t know why I allowed LY to talk me into it.
8. Yah. It’s still short.
9. ASOS polo top which failed to reach.
10. G-star jeans at only $39. I like the stirrup in the dark jeans.
11. Another anthropologie buy. Vintage-looking high waist skirt.
12. The most delicious cherries I’ve ever eaten. I can pop the entire packet without stopping.
13. I miss Whole Foods Market! The nearest is in Birmingham which is 3+ hours away!


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