Weekend breakfast.

Weekends. The only time I get to eat breakfast with LY. Pancakes are my comfort food, and it never goes wrong! Top it off with fruits and it’s perrrrfecct!

Pancakes with rainier cherries and pistachio nuts, drizzled with maple syrup.

Made better with homemade potato chips.

I like to stack my pancakes up and eat it this way!

[Recipes: I used Bisquick pancake mix in the above. My mind usually doesn’t come up to speed early in the morning, using a pre-mix is fuss-free and easy! Explore more of Bisquick recipes here. For the chips, slice potatoes thinly. Pan fry with olive oil. Sprinkle a pinch of salt across. Flip sides once it browns. I like to get it as brown and chaota as possible. Hee.]


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