Pensacola Beach. Blue Angels Air Show.

EXCITED!! That was the word when LY told me that we are going to see the Blue Angels perform. I’ve heard SO much about them, especially LY had sent me photos of him going to the air shows and all in the past. Now, I can see them live! Furthermore.. they are performing on the beach front!

Pensacola Beach, here we come!!

We checked in at Crabs – We Got ‘Em for lunch, prior to the air show. The food was alright, not WOW, but the view from its deck was fabulous. We had the entire view of the gulf, and needless to say, that was where the air show was going to take place! Of course, we weren’t going to move onto the beach anymore since our spot was SHADED and UNBLOCKED.

Before the Blue Angels come onto the show, there was an hour show of propeller planes doing aerobatics!
Check out the below plane, it was flying so close to the waters, probably 5 ft above waters only? It would be unimaginable if the plane were to even scrape the waters slightly.

Here comes the Blue Angels! Click on the slideshow to see how the Blue Angels maneuvered the Delta Breakout formation!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They were flying only 12-18 inches away from each other. OMG! CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT! Not even a milifraction of distraction is allowed!

The Blue Angels performed for almost a full hour, so there were a lot more maneuvers than the above pictures. I remembered one where one Blue Angel flew upside down, closely next to one that flew the right side up, it was spectacular! I was totally blown away by that kind of precision and accuracy!

There are loads of photos and videos regarding Blue Angels, go google and be awed.

As my camera was spoilt, all the photos were taken from FB, courtesy of LY’s colleague.

Check out Blue Angels’ schedule here. They might be visiting your city next!


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