Atlanta. Georgia Aquarium.


So, JULY is a packed month of fun, fun and more fun.
1st July weekend: Chicago
8th July weekend: Pensacola
15th July weekend: Atlanta

This is the World of Coca-Cola!

And opposite it is the Georgia Aquarium! Look at the long queue!

We arrived there around 11am and the car park was already fulled! Thankfully we bought the parking ticket online here, so we were still able to go in. We’ve have bought tickets online as well if we could use our discount online. We queued for at least a good 1.5-hour in order to get the aquarium tickets. So, take the piece of advice – buy your tickets online and cut the line!

We thought we could get in asap once we got our tickets, but to our disappointment, the aquarium was so packed that we were given a timing for entry – 3 to 4pm. We yelp’ed for nearby restaurants to kill the in between time and to have lunch too, and we found Ted’s Montana Grill which is about 15 minutes’ walk from the aquarium.

We cut through the Centennial Olympic Park, which is built for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games.

At Ted’s Montana Grill.

Now.. back to the Aquarium! We returned on time, queued for a while and FINALLY we were let in! So exciting! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE aquariums and I couldn’t wait to check out this world’s largest aquarium!

The entrance – waiting to scan our tickets to get in.

The inside of the aquarium, although you can’t tell much from this shot.

Here’s the floor plan of the aquarium:

We started from the bottom left-hand-side of the map –

River Scout!

I’m trying to show that the roof is a transparent glass, so you get to see fishes swimming above you!

EEKS! White crocodile! Even the pupil in its eye is WHITE!

Actually the more you look at it, the cuter it looks. HAHA. Well, at least much better than the black/grey-ish kind right!

The croco isn’t as gross as this.. I was totally disgusted by this electric eel! It looks like a snake, but a grossier version. Too bad I couldn’t take the details on its body as it was moving very fast all the time, eeks it gives me goosebumps just looking at it!

See the shimmery fish!

And a lot of fishes..

Moving on to the Coldwater Quest, and over here, it features my favourite animal in the entire aquarium – the Beluga Whale!!

The blowhole!

Swimming shots of them.

There are a few playful ones.. hee
This fashionable one was trying to top the trash can lid on its head, as though it was trying to wear a hat! It was chasing the lid relentlessly, attempted to top it, swam a big round the pool, and went back for it all over again. We returned to the same area after 30 minutes, and the whale was still doing the same thing! It just doesn’t get bored of it!

There was this one which tried to tangle itself with the black seaweed-like ribbons. Despite its huge size, the beluga whale is actually very agile! It can turn at really tight angles and this one here, kept turning around the ribbon!

I can watch them all day long. Totally.

And of course, I helped LY to take a picture with these adorable whales!

SO CUTE! I took it off Georgia Aquarium site. You know what, you can actually view the Beluga Whales live cam here.

The whales are really the highlight of my post! Now, it makes the rest of my post seems boring..

Here’s the spider crabs from Japan! It has the largest LEG span, extending to WHAT almost 4metres?!

Can you spot the blue fish which is hiding behind? Hee.

What else is in the Coldwater Quest area? PENGUINS of course!
As we approached the penguins exhibit area, we saw these heads popping up inside..

HAHA! We saw that there was a tunnel passageway to lead you inside and get upclose with the penguins, and we joined the line. It was like a tunnel for children, it was really low, we had to do squat creep/squat walk through the passage, with long pauses in between.

That was me, accidentally banged my head against the roof.

Inside the tunnel.

LY squatting. See the queue outside the glass panel? Now we were the exhibits.


I gasped! when I popped my head out of the hole! I didn’t know that the penguins were so near me!

We were lucky because the penguins could have walked away (anywhere but near to the holes) and as ethical beings we couldn’t take our own sweet time as there were people squatting in the tunnel waiting! Heehee.

I took such a nice picture for LY, with the penguin facing the camera!

And LY took this for me! Argh.

Wooooooh! This post turned out longer than I expected! I think the cute penguins make a nice ending. Shall continue tomorrow with more pictures from the Ocean Voyager! SHARKS!!! (:


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