National Naval Aviation Museum.

After the Blue Angels air show, we drove to the National Naval Aviation Museum, which is located inside the Naval Air Station Pensacola. It’s one the largest aviation museums, hosting more than 150 restored aircrafts! It reminded me of last year’s trip to the National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. I enjoyed myself a lot in that museum, being vey fascinated by the aviation technology, and the bravery of pilots back then – probably near to a century ago! While the National Air and Space boasts mostly historic air and spacecrafts, this Naval Aviation Museum as the name explains itself, has many military aircrafts which are significant to US’s aviation history.

I do not know a lot about them, so LY had to do most of the explanations to me.

CH-46, which looks identical to Chinook!

Sea Hawk!
I was told by LY that navy aircrafts usually have foldable propellers/wings/tail, so that they take up less space on aircraft carriers hangar decks. Now I know how to distinguish navy aircrafts from the rest!

The F-14! Tom Cruise flew this in Top Gun!

This summed up my weekend in Pensacola, FL last last last weekend!


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