Atlanta. Georgia Aquarium. II.

Just when I thought I’m going to be on track, I slacked on blogging again!

Continuing from previous post – I’m back onto the Atlanta Aquarium – Ocean Voyager!

Check out this stingray! It absolutely looks like a spaceship! Alienic-looking stuff! Or some very advanced Star Wars/Star Trek-like spaceship!

And many pictures of us! In the Ocean Voyager’s tunnel. Yes, just like most aquariums, you get the glass roof over your heads and the travelator.

And the sea creatures..

Check out this BIG fish. No sweat, even if it’s swimming next to the deadly shark.

And LY was saying, “这个鱼看起来不好吃..” What was he thinking? Come aquarium and all he can think is whether the fishes are delicious? Haha

After we walked through the short passage, we were led into..




And WOW. I held my breath, grabbed LY’s arm and then exclaim, “OMG, YOU SEE, YOU SEE!”

The fishes are that BIG!!

And that’s how TALL the glass panels are! The world’s 2nd largest viewing panel! (I think the 1st is in Dubai, inside the world’s largest shopping mall.) My camera couldn’t even capture the entire width of the panel, perhaps not even half!

I remembered that we sat in the gallery for a long, long time, gasping in awe every time a big fish/stingray/shark/other creatures swam past.

Reluctantly, we dragged our feet out to the last section of the aquarium – The Tropical Diver.
This section interests us the least, so..
There is only 1 photo.

This concluded my brief visit to the Aquarium. I’d love to return to do all these:

1) Swim Program
Journey with Gentle Giants is the only opportunity in the world where you are guaranteed to swim with the largest fish in the world, the whale shark, in Georgia Aquarium’s Ocean Voyager exhibit built by The Home Depot. Guests will swim at the surface with a floatation device and air supplied by either a small compressed air cylinder or a snorkel.
2) Scuba Dive Program
And if you are a certified diver, you can dive there and swim with the whale shark and many more fishes!!
Check out the diving videos and more details here.

If you are travelling with kids and afraid of waters?, you can opt for the Aquarium Sleepovers! Great idea, yah! I’d so love it, because I can really stare at these sea lives for the longest time.

Do sharks/whales sleep? If yes, how do they do it? For how long? Answer all these questions by sleeping next to them!
The sleepovers include admission, shows and tours, check out all the info here.

Time to catch up on my other posts! Many more adventures to come!


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