Atlanta. World of Coca-Cola.

This post is going to be heavily photo-loaded, so..

At the entrance!

Entering the Coca-Cola Loft, where you can see the rich heritage of Coca-Cola.

Then, we were ushered into the Happiness Factory Theatre to watch a short video. After the video, we walked out and..
we saw Coca-Cola Polar Bear!

It’s a super lively and quite realistic-looking bear!

We proceeded down this section where it highlights the different milestones in this well-known brand through history.

(This shows the beverages under Coca-Cola in different regions! – 60 over different drinks!)

Spotted the mascots who appear in the short video earlier. Nah, not the Polar Bear, we didn’t queue for it.

The next section is Bottle Works. You get to see how they “make” the famous Coca-Cola, the bottling process and all the behind-the-scenes. Sharing some photos..

Here are the shots taken from the Pop Culture Gallery.

NOW, the last stop before the Coca-Cola Store.. The Taste Station!!
They know that this is the highlight of the tour, hence putting it last! I was only looking forward to this! Furthermore, I was so thirsty after the 30 minutes’ tour!

They feature 60 over beverages from 5 regions –


Take a look at their beverages!

The Coca-Cola people asked us to try Inca Kola earlier (I didn’t catch why..) but it wasn’t nice! It wasn’t even sweet, it tasted more like a bitter-sour gassy drink?
I tried the teas, the mango was alright and the peach tea since it was a light version, it was a tad too light for my liking!
I tried the fruit punches too, they tasted just like fruit punches!


And its beverages!

I didn’t do much tasting over at this area, because I’m in North America! I can get easy access to these beverages!


The beverages!

The peach tea from France was very fragrant and nice, it was probably the best peach tea I ever had! It wasn’t siap-siap (hokkien) at all, it was light, yet flavorful!
We were told to try Beverly too, and again it wasn’t to my liking!
I was thinking, “wow, was it a prank?” Tsk.


The Bibos were fruity punch-like drinks, IF I didn’t remember wrongly. The Sunfills were gassy, but they weren’t that bad!

5) Last but not least, we have the ASIA! Where my heart belongs.

Check out these, and have you had any of these before?


By the way, the vegetable drink from Japan was delicious! Totally guilt-free to drink because it simply looks so healthy!
The Apple Kiwi from Thailand was SO way too gassy, perhaps it’s required because their weather is too hot!
The China drinks were alright, not something I’ll try again.
Korea’s Ice tastes like Sprite Ice, very refreshing.


SO.. What’s my favourite?
HAHA, Peach tea from France! It won hands down!! And I did went back for 2nd, 3rd attempts. (:

Haha, LY loved the Peach tea too!

We were the last group of the day, so we were scrambling to try out as many samples as we can in the shortest amount of time. It was 15 minutes’ away from closing!

Just when I thought we finished the 5 regions, I turned and realised, OMG there was this Coca-Cola section in the corner!

If you know me well enough, you’ll know which one I’ll grab!
The vanilla coke!! Haha, I’m disappointed that SG does not carry this anymore! Luckily, I can have my fill of it in USA before I have to go back!

Ok, last last last stop before I step into the Coca-Cola Store, here’s a complimentary commemorative bottle of Coca-Cola which is produced in the very World of Coca-Cola.


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